GMO Legal Measures

GMO Legal Measures

The cheers of supporters celebrating the resounding victory of the anti-GMO measure had barely died away when opponents started threatening a lawsuit. The lobbying group Oregonians for Food and Shelter should think twice before proceeding.

A suit claiming the GMO ban violates the state's right-to-farm law not only is likely to fail, but will needlessly prolong hard feelings on both sides of the issue. We did not support the measure, but the voters have spoken loud and clear, and it is now the law; opponents should accept that and move on.

The state right-to-farm law, enacted in 1993, is intended to protect ordinary farming practices from challenges by neighbors who object to dust, odors, noise and other normal consequences of farming in rural areas. The law serves an important purpose by preventing land-use conflicts resulting from residential uses encroaching on traditional farming areas.


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