John H. Clark - Spanish / Classical Guitar

John H. Clark – Spanish / Classical Guitar review

John H. Clark – Spanish / Classical Guitar review

During the San Carlos Art and Wine Festival Faire my ears lit up hearing a beautiful Spanish Classical guitar. Pleasing the senses and mind. Beside his musical abilities what else makes John H. Clarke standout is his problem solving abilities. Since I too am a musician and the techie that launched the DVD, CD-RW, FlatTV, LCD, Citrix Online & Netgear products I always notice how people solve problems. During any Art and Wine festival receiving electrical power is not always possible. So rather than complain John H. Clarke added a solar panel to power is amplifier and full array of guitar effect pedals. Problem solved and on with his lovely music. 

John H. Clarke gives expressive performances: his wide palette of tone, and his distinctive musical personality, phrasing and style. Clarke has a great stability in intonation. John H. Clarke is selective and only performs works with which he identifies personally.

I recommend you visit his website and buy is music.

John H. Clark - Spanish / Classical Guitar

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