Mother’s Day via Skype, FaceTime and Virtual Connecting

Mother's Day via Skype, FaceTime and Virtual Connecting

When growing up my grandparents lived close by and were a regular presence is my life. But times have changed and kids and grandkids can be scattered all over the place.

Can't be with your mom on May 13th. Luckily, we have our screens to connect us with those we love so dearly. We all agree the ability to connect via technology is a blessing in our lives.

Recent Skype survey showed that 93% of moms would love to spend Mother’s Day with their children on Skype if they can’t be together in person?  

Here are a few ideas to have a perfect Mother's Day even if you can't be with her in person:

·  Send a gift to your mom and watch her open it over a Skype/Facebook call

·  Get the whole family together and have a group video call with her

·  Have lunch or dinner with her through Skype/Facebook

·  Send her a personalized video message

Hopefully these ideas are of help when creating your Mother’s Day plans.

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