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Superfood powders – You may have heard about superfood powders somewhere online, from friends, family or perhaps you’re already taking some yourself. If you’ve never heard of them before, I’m hoping to convince you of their wonderful health benefits and why you should be taking one every day. Superfood powders typically consist of a bulk, powdered version of a superfood(s) in a raw, natural state. The powdered version makes them easy to mix in water, smoothies, juice or any other beverage for consumption. Most are carefully processed, freeze-dried or cold temperature processed to ensure that all the whole food nutrients are kept intact and fully undenatured. These nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, bioflavonoids and many others, are incredibly healthy micronutrients that can help inhibit cellular damage and oxidative stress in your body. They can also help boost your natural energy levels, protect your immune system and provide a host of other healthy benefits.

The best way to think of superfood powders is to think of all the wonderful whole foods that make up each powder. Picture each whole food berry, plant, root and vegetable in its undenatured state, and then picture all of the nourishing nutrients from each one of those superfoods in a convenient powder form. It makes perfect sense to supplement with superfood powders because let’s be honest, we all are probably deficient in the fruits and vegetables department. Maybe not all the time, but some days we all fall short of getting our daily requirement of fruits and veggies. Having a superfood powder on hand ensures that we can always meet our fruit and veggie needs. Plus, if someone is on a low carb diet or not eating fruit, it is a great way to still get all the essential nutrients from fruit without the calories or carbs

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