Estimated Crowd Size That Stormed Capitol Hill?

Estimated Crowd Size That Stormed Capitol Hill?

The science behind crowd counting. Here is a good techniques for estimating crowd sizes.

The first thing is knowing the area that the crowd is in – that is, the actual area in square feet or square meters. The second thing you need to know is a reasonable estimate of the density of the crowd. In other words, on average, how many square feet is each person taking up?

What is a broad believable estimate.

There was not one or three million! Believe there were several thousand people there, even 10,000 maybe. 

Total population in the United States in 2021 is 331.4 million. The USA population is 300-million people. So 10,000 people are a 3-million percent (3,000,000%) of our population. 

For a comprehensive article please visit this link to The Conversation:

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