Free ‘Yellow Submarine’ Beatles on YouTube

YouTube is Streaming a Free ‘Yellow Submarine’ Beatles Singalong

YouTubeMusic will host The Beatles’ animated “Yellow Submarine” film singalong in a special live-streaming event, available free worldwide.

The event will take place this Saturday, April 25, at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. BST via YouTube Premieres on The Beatles’ YouTube channel(available at this link). The restored film’s singalong version includes lyrics at the bottom of the screen for viewers to follow

The restored, singalong version of the film was released in 2018 and features on-screen lyrics so you never have to miss a word. You can tune in for free to relive this colorful animated film full of music from everyone’s favorite band that started the British Invasion in the 1960s.

Yet, and one interesting note from “Yellow Submarine”, the voices of the characters in the film are NOT the Beatles:

Ringo Starr – Voiced by Paul Angelis

John Lennon – Voiced by John Clive

Paul McCartney – Voiced by Geoffrey Hughes

George Harrison – Voiced by Peter Batten

In fact, the ONLY input the Beatles had in the entire movie (aside from the Beatles’ songs) was a 2 minute segment at the end, which legally fulfilled their contractual obligation. 

Fair to say, The Beatles had a LOT going on at the time of filming. They recorded The Beatles’, 2 album set (classically referred to as the “White Album”) as well as tracks that would end up on their follow-up releases Abbey Road & Let It Be. They were to add original songs in the movie like “Hey Bulldog” and “It’s Only A Northern Song” from these sessions as well as the cryptically ending “All Together Now” which of course contains an irony all it’s own.

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