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Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

Imagine a sustainable community focused on nurturing a connection with not only nature but with each other. Hippies from the 60s popularized communes, which were designed to break away from an individualistic approach to life promoting alternative lifestyle choices, peace, freedom and love.

The modern day commune, however, emphasizes the goal of sustainable living. Once on the verge of extinction, intentional communities are on the rise, numbering in the thousands here in the United States. With the change in the economy and greater knowledge of the planet’s deterioration at the hands of our consumerist lifestyles, urban housing cooperatives, eco villages, and communes have emerged to reflect the values and interests of the 21st century citizen. Values that once were extreme are now more ordinary and even seen as sensible.

The Green Movement has become much more accepted than a fringe liberal crusade, and more American citizens believe in being environmentally conscious. Following the blueprint of the earlier communities, today’s communities focus on being socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable.

From: www.digmagonline.com