The Emmy’s Event COVID-Compliant Game Plan

The Emmy’s Event COVID-Compliant Game Plan

Cedric the Entertainer will host the 73rd Emmy Awards..

The Television Academy’s “The Emmy’s” onsite event will be a COVID-compliant event. For one thing, there will be several shows that hold satellite events that the telecast will cut to when necessary.

The Emmys onsite event will be as safe as possible.

Everybody’s tested, everybody’s wearing masks when they’re not on camera, everybody has been vaccinated. So everybody’s very much used to that on sets. And they know, OK, when we’re not shooting, put up your mask. So as long as we keep those protocols, then everybody should be very safe.

That mask protocol is in line with how last weekend’s Creative Arts Emmys were handled: When attendees are on camera, including walking the red carpet or when the show is live, they can be unmasked. After leaving the carpet, it’s masks back on until cameras roll in the tent. When the Emmys go to commercial, producers will ask audience members to put their masks back on.

The Television Academy has worked with L.A. County Health to develop a plan, which they’ve agreed to, and we have worked the whole time to keep that plan. Obviously, The Television Academy’s “The Emmys” are working within their guidelines. So making sure that everyone safe.

The Emmys onsite event hasn’t lost a person yet. Making that level of celebrities ill is not on The Emmys onsite event agenda.

Also like the Creative Arts Emmys, this year’s telecast will feature audience members seated at tables, and food and drink will be served. Two things at once, make sure we have a safe environment for everyone who was attending the show, but also, let’s get out of the kind of typical theater situation.

Let’s get relaxed. Let’s sit at tables. Let’s drink a little, let’s have a little nibble. That makes for the maximum fun for both the viewers and the folks who are nominated. Going to have multiple stages, have projection screens. Have chandeliers. And so we’ll make it look like a fun, ritzy party that you want to go to.

That includes more music. Having plenty of great places for presenters to come out, for great musical performances.

Really want to give people a show. There’ll be plenty of music. But the most important thing is hearing from the winners, hearing their heartfelt testimony, hearing their humor, hearing their joy… This show will never lose track that that’s the heart of what the Emmys is, and that’s what we’re going to be doing Sunday night.

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