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Capital Flows in the Tech Sector – Issue 140

Despite the holiday in the US it was another strong few weeks in tech M&A.  Of particular interest were a number of cyber security-related acquisitions including ​Optiv Security acquiring a big data company, Trend Micro and McAfee both acquiring cloud security firms, and private equity firm Thomas Bravo taking private Barracuda Networks.  

Trend Micro 11.29.17 Trend Micro Acquires Immunio, Expands Cloud Security Capabilities

Trend Micro intends to use Immunio, a Canadian firm focused on application security, to improve its container and DevOps security solutions. The Immunio platform allows enterprises to increase protection against software vulnerabilities. Trend Micro is betting that the number of enterprises incorporating DevOps initiatives will dramatically increase by 2019.
The Whir

Samsung 11.29.17 Samsung Buys Korean AI Startup In A Bid To Boost Bixby 
Samsung will acquire the Fluenty, a startup that developed a chatbox based on machine learning. Fluenty supports major platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line and its responses have been praised for not sounding auto generated. Fluenty engineers will become a part of the mobile division, which many believe Samsung will use as an opportunity to improve its ill received AI assistant, Bixby.  
Mobile Marketing 
wework-logo 11.28.17 WeWork To Acquire Social Networking Company Meetup

WeWork will acquire Meetup, a social network that connects people with similar interests. This acquisitions helps WeWork achieve its goal of becoming a physical social network. For now, Meetup will continue to operate as a stand-alone company.
Real Deal

McAfee 11.28.17 McAfee Acquires Cloud Access Security Broker Skyhigh Networks

To strengthen its presence in the cloud security market, McAfee agreed to purchase Skyhigh Networks. Since its inception in 2011, Skyhigh has been a market leader with several patents for its CASB model. McAfee will create a new business unit which will focus primarily on cloud security and has already appointed Skyhigh CEO Rajiv Gupta to manage the new division.
Cloud Security

Fortlock 11.28.17 Fortlock Group Acquires Comsmart

Cosmart, a New Zealand based firm which provides business solutions including hardware, software and cloud offerings, will be acquired by the Fortlock Group. Once the acquisition is complete the Fortlock Group will operate in three locations and provide end to end security solutions to clients.  

Barracuda Networks 11.27.17 Security Business Barracuda Networks Acquired for $1.6 billion

Private equity firm Thomas Bravo agreed to purchase Barracuda Networks. While the stock price has been fairly steady this year, it is down significantly from its trading price in 2015. Barracuda Networks CEO, BJ Jenkins, believes the acquisition will allow the company to improve efficiencies and better compete with security giants, Palo Alto Networks and Symantec.
Tech Crunch

Cloudflare 11.24.17 Cloudflare Acquires Neumob

Neumob, provides solutions to increase speed, reduce errors and boost conversion of mobile apps. Most notably, the company developed a mobile SDK that allows companies to embed their software within a mobile application. Cloudfare aims to incorporate Neumob’s technology into its existing network to extend its offerings to mobile applications.    

Magna5 11.17.17 Magna5 Acquisition NetServe 365

Magna5 announced it will purchase NetServe365 and acquire over 7,500 of its clients nationwide. This acquisition not only expands reach for Magna5 but allows the group to provide clients with a disaster recovery solutions.

CloudCommerce 11.17.17  CloudCommerce Acquires WebTegrity

WebTegrity provides enterprise digital marketing services and CloudCommerce is a leading provider of data driven solutions. CloudCommerce hopes to use the marketing expertise at WebTegrity to increase the number of digital services and solutions it provides to clients.
Business Insider

Optiv 11.16.17 Optiv Security Acquires Decision Lab

Optiv Security, a leading provider of end to end cyber security solutions, announced it will acquire Decision Lab, a big data services company. Details of the acquisition were not released; however, the merger will allow Optiv to achieve its global growth strategy and also aid large enterprises in interpreting the increasingly large amount of security data they generate daily.
SC Magazine

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