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As women, we are no strangers to the act of reinventing ourselves. Throughout our lives we take on and shed many roles. Women’s Suite celebrates this ability and encourages you to share your experiences with others. Your interaction is essential and encouraged.

Home of the maker, artist, curator, designer, jeweler, painter, photographer…. Our mission at Women's Suite is to foster a community of women helping women. Through our Marketplace, Magazine and CommUNITY Forum we hope to build an online community for women by women.

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Accounts Receivable:  +1 (415) 857-5283
Sales & Operations: +1 (650) 409-7337

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST
For customer service inquiresinfo@WomensSuite.com
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NAME: Jerri Anne Rees
TITLE: CEO/Founder, Women’s Suite
EDUCATION: Optometric Technology
BORN: Rockville Centre, NY
HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.73 m)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Previously, she has long-time experience in the fashion industry with retail leaders such as Mervyns’ and Coldwater Creek (Women's clothing and accessories retailers that sells its products in stores, through catalogs and online.) Rees also worked for the San Jose Public Library System. She has her fingers on the pulse of what women are wearing and reading.

Women’s Suite is the result of over two years of personal research into women’s trends relating to Social Networking, online publishing and ecommerce. Jerri Anne graduated with a degree in Optometric Technology

NAME: Morgan Rees
TITLE: President/Co-Founder, Women’s Suite
EDUCATION: Communication Technology

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Proven marketing expert with international and domestic experience at numerous startups through publicly traded companies involving such renowned brands as Philips Electronics, Norelco, Marantz, Magnavox, Citrix Online, Netgear, Honeywell, and Comcast. Morgan gained agency experience early in career; some of his clients included admired brands such as Toyota, Swim’n Sport, Red Lobster and General Motors.

Honors graduate and faculty member of Florida International University. Author of numerous marketing-related articles in trade magazines. Additionally, brought expertise to book form to share marketing and branding wisdom in a new title, Marketing Action Plans.

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Please let us know what you think of features and functions. If you love something about Women’s Suite, we want to know. If you want a change, we will always listen and discuss with open minds. Our goal is to move forward to improve our community for everyone.

Stop by and give us your opinion at the CommUNITY Forum, or on Facebook or send us a Tweet on Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/WomensSuite

Seeking Contributing Writers

Would you like to write for Women’s Suite? Contributing writers bring a unique voice and perspective to the Women’s Suite site, increasing the value for readers.

We are looking for concise (less than 500 words) general interest women’s articles focused on style/fashion, health/fitness, news, horoscopes, relationships and more.

OTHER – Please let us know if there are topics you want to write about not mentioned above. Is there something unique about your family or something you've been through? Do you have great tips to share with others? Send any ideas our way to be considered. We love to hear from you!!

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