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foods to avoid for hormone help

Foods To Avoid For Hormone Help

Foods to avoid for hormone help

Did you know there are otherwise healthy foods to avoid for hormone help? Foods such as raw kale, cucumbers and soy can hinder your thyroid and other hormone producing glands. It can be surprising, but as author Alison Vitti explains, these otherwise healthy foods can actually be a setback to your efforts to heal your body naturally. 

Before I made it my mission to fix my hormones and help other women get back on track, I had no idea that some of the “healthy” foods I was consuming were actually making my problems worse. And I see the disbelief on my clients’ faces every day when I break the news that some of the hyped-up health foods they’ve been dutifully consuming are actually sabotaging their best efforts to overcome PCOS symptoms.

So is kale good or bad?

In short, kale is a “good guy”! To elaborate, kale is a cruciferous vegetable, sharing the same family with favorites like cauliflower and broccoli. These vegetables contain goitrogens which can interfere with your thyroid.The good news is that proper preparation of these vegetables breaks down the goitrogenic compounds. So steam, saute or otherwise cook your cruciferous vegetables before enjoying them and  while others are chowing down on chopped raw kale you can opt for the wilted kale salad! 

I’m juicing so need lots of raw greens. What raw greens can I substitute for kale?

Just because you are avoiding raw cruciferous doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of raw juice. There are a few great alternatives to kale that you can use in your juice recipes. Leafy greens such as Swiss Chard and Beet Tops (don’t throw them away, they’re edible!) make a great substitute in most recipes that call for Kale. If you like to forage, dandelion greens hold a wealth of nutrients and have not been linked to suppression of thyroid or hormone function. 

Story by Alisa Vitti on mindbodygreen.com; curated by Joleen Bennett

Source: 5 Foods To Avoid If You Have PCOS: Alisa Vitti Explains – mindbodygreen.com