Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Walls can get dirty before you know it – from a splatter of spaghetti dinner, the crayon artistry of a roaming toddler, or fingers simply reaching for a light switch. It’s easy to pass by walls and woodwork every day without a second glance, but spring-cleaning season is a great time to give them the attention they deserve. Like many housekeeping tasks, regular cleaning can help avoid bigger cleanup work later on. “It doesn’t have to be as difficult of a job as it sounds,” said Amy Panos, senior editor at Better Homes and Gardens. “The easier you can make it on yourself, the more likely you are to do it. ”Wow, I thought I was spring cleaning but this lady knows how to do it. The argument is a good one. If dirt and grime are left to build up the work to get it clean becomes more of a chore.

The same goes for keeping your cleaning green. Often, If you clean the mess immediately it needs only a damp cloth and a tiny bit of elbow grease. Leaving the mess to dry and set in will sometimes necessitate chemical intervention. The bottom line? Clean it when you see it, it saves time in the long run.



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