Ed Sheeran is currently THE most successful touring Musician.

Ed Sheeran (Edward Christopher Sheeran) attributes this by to doing a single simplistic initiative. And also repetitively repeats it.

Additionally to purposely keeping concert tickets low he performs more frequently.

Ed Sheeran is the real deal.

One Sheeran initiative to keep tickets affordable he is against ticket scalping efforts

Gratuity Gifting: During numerous performances Sheeran did not sell front row seats.

He would gift them to many of the concert audience especially in the back-row area or to want fulls that could not purchase a tickets to get in. 

Keeping it Lean and keeping costs down. Since Sheeran is a one man band setup, teardown and traveling costs are at a minimum thus enabling more concert locations.

Treating your audience as if they were diplomats.

Be yourself and by using Social Media be in touch with your fans

Find your niche (Your lane) and discover the top two things your fans like and keep it consistent.

Ed Sheeran is an English songwriter, guitarist, singer, record producer and also an actor. I find Ed Sheeran himself and methodology inspiring. 

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