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Florida Translator

Florida Translator:

1. 305

Outside of Florida: It’s just an "area code" or a 2008 movie named “305”. 

Florida Definition: It’s a lifestyle.

2. South Beach

Outside of Florida: Think it is synonymous as Miami.

Florida Definition: Tourist trap and architectural magnet.

3. Calle Ocho

Outside of Florida: Spanish for “Eighth Street.”

Florida Definition: Little Havana landmark and center for cultural events and great food.

4. Gloria Estefan

Outside of Florida: Music star.

Florida Definition: Icon.

5. Winter

Outside of Florida: Pullout the snow-gear and freeze for a few months

Florida Definition: Wear socks with your flip-flops.

Socks flipflops

6. Mission

Outside of Florida: A big adventure or task. Dan Ackroyd was on a mission in the Blues Brothers

Florida Definition: Anything slightly inconvenient that takes more than five minutes of your precious time.

7. Pollo Tropical

Outside of Florida: Fast food chain with a Caribbean-theme.

Florida Definition: First-of-mind for fast food.

8. Publix

Outside of Florida: Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Florida Definition: Commonly known as Public, a top-tier grocery food chain.

9. Palmetto

Outside of Florida: A roach or bug. 

Florida Definition: A Freeway under nonstop construction.

10. Turn Signals

Outside of Florida: Mandatory and necessary way to communicate your intentions of changing lanes or making a turn. 

Florida Definition: Use at your convenience.

11. The Grand Old South

Outside of Florida: Mason-Dixon line and south.

Florida Definition: Fort Lauderdale and due south. Be sure to stop when reaching Key West.

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