Do Lefties Have Better Sex?

Do Lefties Have Better Sex?

new survey claims that left-handed people are dramatically more satisfied with their sex life than their right-handed counterparts. LELO, a Swedish adult lifestyle product brand, polled 10,000 people and reported that 86 percent of left-handed recipients said they were “extremely satisfied” with their sex life, compared to a mere 15 percent of righties.

This obviously went on to promote a new LELO sex toy that claims to “give the North paws a little taste of the South paw sex drive” by stimulating a right-hander’s underused right-side of the brain by clenching a vibrating ball in their left hand. This will allegedly not only get righties to start thinking with that left-handed mentality, it goes on to claim that it will increase your ability to have “superior memory.” Right. Or do we mean, left? It’s all so confusing these days.


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