Marketing Action Plans

Marketing Action Plans

The Marketing Action Plans is a 365-days-a-year resource tool. It’s not the kind of book that sits on your bookshelf at home; rather you should keep it with you at work at all times. Everything in this book is for real-world survival; individual documents, processes, procedures and full plans.

All of us have had, or will have, a boss demand a full Public Relations, Marketing and/or Online plan on his desk in less than a week. This is impossible to do from scratch; however, with the Marketing Action Plans you will able to use between 50% to 80% of each document and template included.

Simply insert your company name and products where asked. Yes, you will need some customization to fit your organization, but having a substantial part of your plan, layout and content provided will permit you to do two things: Focus on what is really important and meet your unrealistic deadlines.

Also, after decades of experience I can personally attest that having a process and check-off forms dramatically speeds up your entire department. It will synchronize everyone in or outside of your marketing department. It usually takes years to develop a complete set of fully fleshed-out procedure lists. But now you, simply by reading this book, have virtually everything you need.

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