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What’s New on the Boeing 737-800?

Had the good pleasure of flying on a brand new 737-800 aircraft. 
Largest Southwest plane ever: Southwest’s 737-800s are outfitted with 175 seats — nearly 30% more than their 137-seat earlier 737’s and about 44% more seating than their 737-500s.
Comfort: The new plane features the Boeing Sky Interior: Larger, easier-to-use pivoting overhead bins, larger windows, LED mood lighting, a higher ceiling, and improved passenger service units (the reading lights, call buttons and personal air control.) Plus, they’re outfitted with the consumer facing-features of which include an improved color palette and more  seats.
That makes them more comfortable. Most importantly, while the cushion on the old seats sits on top of the frame, these new ones sit on top of a springy hammock-looking thing.
First Aircraft Featuring Split Scimitar Winglets
What’s New on the Boeing 737-800?
737-800 Cost: $102.2 million dollars