What The US Can Learn From France, Italy, Denmark and UK Supermarkets Donating Unsold Food

What The US Can Learn From France, Italy, Denmark and UK Supermarket Donating Unsold Food
France, Italy, Denmark and England: Large grocery stores must donate unsold food to charities,
France became the first nation in the world to ban supermarkets from wasting food under law. Italy has followed.
A move that will result in millions more meals for France’s needy large grocery stores must now donate unsold food to charities. 
In Italy restaurant customers are encouraged to use doggy bags as part of move to save one million tons of food a year for the needy.
Tesco, (headquartered in England) has some 6,800 stores worldwide initiative saves the equivalent of 50,000 meals worth of food from heading to a landfill, donating that food, instead, to charity groups.
Denmark’s supermarkets donate entirely to “surplus” food.
It’s not a fad and it’s clearly not a trend.
According to the EPA, the U.S. sends approximately 30 million tons of food to landfills each year, waste that emits methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.
And addressing food waste in retail environments is just part of the battle. American consumers, in their own home, shoulder the largest portion of the blame, tossing out an estimated $640 worth of food per household each year

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