2020’s Largest Super Moon will appear on April 7, and it will be Legendary.

However, looks like we might be soon able to witness something truly extraordinary to make us forget about our earthly travails, and make us feel a little more optimistic.

How to watch the year’s biggest super moon

April 7th, around 8:30 PM, Earth will get to witness the largest moon of 2020 often called as a pink super moon. In case you didn’t know, a super moon occurs when in the elliptical orbit, the Moon is the closest to the Earth — making it look larger than ever. 

As the moon orbits in an eclipse, its closest point – the perigee – will come very close to the Earth. The farthest point of the ellipse is called the apogee. 

To be exact, the moon is 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a normal full moon. Now in case you were wondering that the moon will turn into a pinkish hue during this occurrence, you’re wrong. 

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Mark Addy