Brief History of the Electric Sitar (Danelectro)

Danelectro, Coral, Star, SITARMATIC electric sitar

The legendary Danelectro Coral (1967) electric sitar — that’s right: the iconic 1960s design, complete with drone strings and red crackle finish!

Songs using Danelectro Coral (1967) electric sitar:

“Hooked On A Feeling” which was a big hit for B.J. Thomas
“Monterey” by Eric Burton and The Animals.
“Do It Again” from Steely Dan’s 1973 release,
“Games People Play”, Joe South (1969)
And many more . . .

AKA: Coral, Danelectro, Star, SITARMATIC
Danelectro Sitar Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1968), made in Neptune, NJ.

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