Checkout the new video & Podcast programs: “Las Vegas on the Cheap”

“Las Vegas on the Cheap” video and Podcast:

Morgan Rees shares the essential free Las Vegas locations for smart travelers; structures such as the Mirage (volcano), Venetian (Art, painting and gondolas) and the Luxor (Pyramid, sphinx, artwork, jewelry and artifacts) provides an educational and historical platform for children and adults to learn.

Learn more about Las Vegas’ favorite free attractions all within walking distance. Las Vegas has become more expensive, this short video covers fun free activities to do in Las Vegas just by simply walking around, and it is good for you. The world comes to you! Please enjoy “Las Vegas on the Cheap”:

Visit the World Without Traveling™

This is part of a continuing series of Videos and Blogs. Episodes visit such notable cities as: London, Paris, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Israel, Napa Valley, Nashville, Monterey and including interesting locations such as: Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, Changing the Guard, Tower of London – Crown Jewels, Windsor Castle, the Roman baths, the Senine River cruise, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, France’s oldest perfume houses, The Louvre Paris Museum, Royal Estate of Versailles, Moulin Rouge, Claude Monet and more.

If you are planning on traveling these podcasts are a good primer with useful travel information

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