Crocheted Nest Keeps Hornets Away for Years

Tired of spraying wasp killer, woman invents wildlife-friendly alternative.

For years, Sandy Davis struggled with spraying hornets’ nests on her patio with toxic pesticides, known to harm bees, birds and other wildlife.

After reading that hornets, and other wasps, are very territorial and will not build nests anywhere near each other, she had an idea.

She crocheted a wasp nest look-alive to trick the hornets into thinking others already lived there. She hung it up 4 years ago and hasn’t had “a single one since.”

Hornet’s nests on the outdoor patio were always a problem until 4 years ago when she crocheted and hung her fake one after reading that hornets are territorial. Not a single one since then! 

Who would have thought her humane way to solve her problem would become so popular?

If you’re no good at knitting, you can buy a fake wasp nest, or three, on Amazon.

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