Funny Father’s Day Puns Cards

Funny Father’s Day Puns That Only a Dad Could Love

All of your classic pun subjects are here: grilling, car, beer and more.

As everyone knows Dad’s like puns. If you are helping your kids or grandkids make Father’s day cards here is a list of punny Father Day cards ideas. 

For the movie-buff dad:

You’re the reel deal, dad!“

For the dad who always springs for extra guac:

“You’re nacho average dad — can we taco ‘bout how much I love you?”

For the caffeine-addicted dad:

“I love you a latte dad — I can’t even espresso how much

For the dad who loves to grill

“Thanks for always chicken on me, dad —

For the golf-loving dad

“Dad, I think you’re just tee-riffic, dad!”

For the dad with a sweet tooth

“I donut know what I would do without you, dad!”

For the biker dad

“You’re dad to the bone.”

For the dad who loves beer

“I love you beer-y much, dad.”

For the martini-sipping dad

“Olive you so much, dad!”

For the beach-bum dad

“I shore do love you dad. It’s Father’s Day… 

So let’s shellabrate

For the dad with not so much hair

“I wanted to give you a comb for Father’s Day, but we could never part

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