Get ready to ‘Spring Forward’ Your Clocks Tonight.

Get ready to ‘Spring Forward’ Your Clocks at 2:00am Tonight.

When local standard time is about to reach Sunday, March 12, 2023, 2:00 am clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, March 12, 2023, 3:00:00 am local daylight time instead.

Daylight saving time 2023 in California will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 12 and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 5.

All times are in Pacific Time. Dates and times may vary.

Daylight Saving Time” is dictated by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which extended the period for “Daylight Saving Time” by four or five weeks annually, depending on the calendar.

It changed the beginning of DST from the first Sunday of April to the second Sunday of March.

Authorities say its also a good day to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

The time change is not observed by Hawaii, most of Arizona, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Marianas.

Daylight saving time will end at 2 a.m. on Nov. 5, 2023.

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