How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Welcoming spring always entails a bit of weeding through our wardrobes. It’s finally time to trade out big coats and chunky sweaters for dresses and lightweight layers. Below are tips for starting fashionably fresh this season.


Take inventory of your current wardrobe, and evaluate your overarching style. Does it fit your lifestyle? Is it true to who you are? Does it align with the career you have or want to have? If there’s room for improvement, the turn of the season is the perfect time to make small changes to move closer toward a wardrobe that best suits who you are. Starting a Pinterest board (feel free to keep it secret!) for practical style inspiration before you embark on a spring shopping trip can prove helpful.

Want to get in touch with your inner minimalist this spring? Take a stab at a capsule wardrobe! Perhaps you’ve heard the hype about these seasonal collections of around 40 pieces—tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and shoes included. While that may sound limiting, we can say from experience that the less we have in our closets, the more put-together we look and the more in tune we feel with our true personal style. This capsule wardrobe planner from Un-Fancy is the perfect starting point. Just print it out and fill it in with personal details and preferences—lifestyle activities, color inspiration, must-have pieces, budget. Consider this your roadmap for the season.


Yep—all of it! Before you can move forward with your plan, you have to know what you’re working with. The easiest way to see what you want to keep is to move everything out. This also gives you the opportunity to give your closet surfaces a little spring cleaning. Dust, wipe out drawers, sweep neglected corners and maybe even upgrade your hangers. It’s amazing how much more zen and boutique-esque even the tiniest closet can feel when all the hangers match!

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