“Hyperloop” For Electric Bicycles from BMW

“Hyperloop” For Electric Bicycles from BMW

This story about an elevated bike lane for electric bicycles was first published by Gas2.

Many of us could bicycle to work, but we don’t. Why? Several reasons. Maybe it’s too far to pedal or it’s uphill part of the way. No one wants to get to the office looking like they just completed a leg of the Tour De France. Electric bicycles could solve both problems.

BMW wants to introduce what they call the “Hyperloop for e-bikes”. “Pedaling along at 15 mph in comfort without having to dodge traffic could save commuters an hour or more a day.” 

A city with cold winters could cover all the “interior” streets with this covering, only for pedestrians, pedal bikes, and all sorts of tiny electric vehicles. Park the conventional / large cars on town edge.

Let’s have this come to life, particularly for smog-troubled cities.


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