Keeping Your Teeth Nice and White

Our Pearly Whites

Keeping your teeth nice and white your whole life seems pretty easy,but as we age this can become some what of a challenge.  Especially if you are trying to look good for a special occasion. There are several foods we can try to stay away from if we want our teeth to  always  remain their whitest. Here are just a few to shy away from as often as possible.

Tea and Your Teeth

 Not always the best choice for keeping your teeth white. 

Sauces and Stains

 Deeply colored sauces cause deep stains.

Sports Drinks

 Sports or energy drinks can erode enamel. 

Wine and White Teeth

It’s  no surprise that red wine, an acidic drink will discolor teeth. 

Soda, Cola, and Other Carbonated Drinks

These drinks are the worst thanks to acids and dyes.

Use a Straw

 This should keep the liquid away from your teeth.

Swallow Swiftly

Don’t let stain-causing foods and drinks linger in your mouth.

Rinse — Then Brush — After Eating

Swish your mouth with water right after you eat or drink. you’ve eaten.

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