One Year Ago Margaret Nolan, ‘Goldfinger’ Model and Actress in ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ Dies at age 76

Margaret Nolan, appeared in the Beatles’ first film, A Hard Day’s Night, and the James Bond movie Goldfinger died on Oct. 5, 2020 at the age of 76.

Actress and model Margaret Nolan, who appeared in the Beatles’ first film, A Hard Day’s Night, and the James Bond movie Goldfinger the same year, died on Oct. 5 at the age of 76.

Nolan played a woman at a casino in the Fab Four’s comedy, which was released in July 1964. A couple months later, she was seen as the gold-painted woman in the title sequence for Sean Connery’s third 007 outing; she also played Dink in the same movie. Goldfinger included a scene where Bond disses the Beatles, saying that drinking champagne that’s lost its chill was like listening to the group’s music “without earmuffs.”

Edgar Wright, who cast Nolan in his upcoming movie Last Night in Soho, described her as a person at the center of “everything cool in the ‘60s” and added she was often seen “sending up her own glamour-puss image.” She’d continued her career in film and TV; she later became known for her artwork based on manipulations of her own publicity shots.

‘I had a bikini on, I was never nude’: how Margaret Nolan became James Bond’s golden girl. In 1964, Margaret Nolan spent a week having clips from Bond films projected onto her spray-painted body. Then she left Goldfinger behind

Born: October 29, 1943, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Died: October 5, 2020
Height: 5′ 10″

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