Podcasts Episodes on Apple Connect by Morgan Rees

Morgan Rees Launches Podcasts Episodes on Apple Connect

SILICON VALLEY, CA., Feb. 20, 2018 / — Morgan Rees, one of the nation's top online and offline marketers and branding services for consumer and enterprise, today announced the launch of numerous podcasts dedicated to a wide range of hot topics.

You can’t read a book or watch a film whilst driving the car. You are able to listen to a podcast while: Running the treadmill? Walking to work? Mowing the lawn? Ironing your clothes? Cooking your dinner? All from the device in your pocket, at the touch of a button?

Apple has reviewed and approved the podcasts so listeners are able to gain access to the series of episodes at iTunes Connect: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/morgan-d-rees/id1021379693?mt=2

A podcast show is a series of episodes, audio shows – and they’re all available for Free download. The following are just a few of the topics:

California Academy of Sciences
Napa Valley Wine Train
Parthenon in Nashville, TN
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Solar Impluse
Transportation Innovation Workshop
Better Place
Affordable Tahoe
Game Developers Conference
A Word to the Webwise
Network Privilege
Network Access
A Word to the Web Wise
Borderless Security Takes Shape

iTunes Connect: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/morgan-d-rees/id1021379693?mt=2

About the Host:

Morgan Rees is a savvy business strategist and marketing professional with international and domestic expertise from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. His business-to-business and consumer marketing experience includes publicly traded companies involving renowned brands as Philips Electronics, Norelco, Marantz, Magnavox, Citrix Online, Netgear and Honeywell. Morgan gained agency experience early in his career working with admired brands such as Toyota, Swim’n Sport, Red Lobster and General Motors. A faculty member of Florida International University and the author of numerous marketing-related articles in trade magazines.


"Marketing Action Plans" is his first book: http://www.morganrees.com/book

Additionally, Morgan is available for private and corporate client-based business advisory service, including marketing and brand strategies, guidance, lectures, etc.


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