Santa Barbara video tour by host Morgan Rees

Sorry to disrupt your scrolling, would you like to “Visit the World Without Traveling™” This 6-minute Santa Barbara video/podcast is part of a continuing series.

You are going to see your host Morgan Rees share Santa Barbara insights such as: Do you know the way?, City of Solvang, Stearns Wharf, Yacht Marina, All Roads Lead to State Street, Downtown Santa Barbara, Eating & Drinking and more.

Other Travel Episodes visit such notable cities as: London, Paris, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Israel, Napa Valley, Nashville, Monterey and including interesting locations such as: Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, Changing the Guard, Tower of London – Crown Jewels, Windsor Castle, the Roman baths, the Senine River cruise, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, France’s oldest perfume houses, The Louvre Paris Museum, Royal Estate of Versailles, Moulin Rouge, Claude Monet and more.

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