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Valentine Boxes For Kids

Every year kids need to make valentines boxes for school. On Valentines Day there is a party and lots of valentines to be passed around from child to child. There are many ways to make a cute box. Here are a few fun ways to help your child with their Valentines Day box.

If you have an empty tissue box (and who doesn’t in the Winter?), you can make an easy and pretty Valentine boxes with kids. All you need is some paper to cover the tissue box and heart-shape paper punches or stickers, and presto! You’ll have a pretty box to hold all those Valentines your child gets. It’s a great art project for kids. Let them do what ever they want.

Another idea for a box is a Valentines Day mailbox.

Make this fun and creative box out of an empty laundry detergent box. All you need is some contact paper and heart cutouts and voila! You’ll have a fun storage box for all the Valentines your grade-schooler will receive from friends and classmates.

Another great idea for a Valentine’s box is a greeting pocket. It’s fun and easy to make, and will hold all the Valentine’s greetings your grade-schooler will collect. Let your grade-schooler use her imagination to add her r own touches to this Valentine box. Just take two paper plates in half, glue them together. Make a handle at the top out of the edge of another plate or any kind of ribbon and let your child color the plate or put stickers on it. Any thing around the house can be used for decorations. Just let them have fun with the decoration of the heart. These are just a few uses your imagination and have fun with your kids making these Valentines Day Boxes.