Ukrainian Artist Changes Classical Painting Figures Into Reality.

We are showcasing the artwork of Ukrainian artist, Alla Mingalyova. Mingalyova’s photo manipulations are whimsical, feminine and aesthetically beautiful. Look at this articles’ attached collage of her artwork.

Alla Mingalyova is a Crimea-born Ukrainian artist, currently located in Yerevan, Armenia.

Alla Mingalyova’s art creations focus attention on characters from classical paintings placed into modern settings.

She mainly creates using the Photoshop software program. How does Alla select what painting she uses in her illustrations? Alla stated “Basically, they choose me.”

She admires the realistic artworks by John William Godward, Louis-Léopold Boilly, Marguerite Gérard and more. This is what inspired Alla Mingalyova to create this style of illustrations? “I wanted to modified them into contemporary realities,” said Alla Mingalyova. 

Alla tried to find the characters of the paintings that looked and/or dressed like her work colleagues, photoshopped them into a current workplace(s). 

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about her and her creations

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