Women in Football: NFL needs to get this correct to women as fans

Women in Football: NFL needs to get this correct to women as fans

According to the NFL, roughly 45 percent of its fans are women, and it would like that number to be higher. We’re seeing more girls playing the sport, which is one way to get and retain followers. Two years ago, a 16-year-old female quarterback in Florida threw a touchdown pass, believed to be the first scoring pass from a girl in the state’s prep history.

The NFL, despite its considerable ratings and record profits, isn’t doing enough to keep those female fans. Or, maybe, any of its fans. From how it handles domestic violence incidents to concussions and CTE, there are problems.

As to the negative headlines around a handful of players embroiled in domestic violence cases that could turn off female fans: “Football has 1,800 players. It’s a big, broad sport. Whatever happens in society, happens in football,” NFL Chief Marketing Officer Dawn Hudson said. “Part of what our fans expect in the NFL is we are trying to not hide from things that happen in life and use our platform off the field to make things better.”

Tina Holmes, Minnesota Vikings Chief of Staff, is one of more than 100 female executives – vice president level or above – employed by the NFL or one of its 32 teams.

Women now make up nearly half of the NFL’s fan base with 86 million tuning in last season. Women also are occupying more executive offices in the NFL

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