Your face will look a decade older by drinking white wine daily.

If you drink white wine daily (two drinks or more), your face will look 10 years older.

You will we see a massive difference in the skin tissue appearance – between the person who has been drinking for 20-30 years verses a person the same age who has not.

Removing all of the fluid out of the skin tissue is the first effect of dehydration.

Alcohol affects any mucous membrane, from the pancreas, liver and to the skin causing a huge amount of damaged skin.

Creating more wrinkles from damaged dehydration will make you look a decade older.

Just a single night of drinking can make wrinkles and lines more noticeable.

You will observe a lack of Vitamin A that assists with collagen. You also can experience a deficiency of Vitamin A which helps with collagen maintenance and keeps a youthful appearance.

Daily alcohol consumption will damage to your liver and causes enlarged blood vessels that gives your skin a red color.

Everyday in the gestation of alcohol triggers heart disease, neurological issues, gain in weight and diabetes all accelerating aging.

Physical Activity:

To energize your body, reduce stress, assisting a longer life try exercising.


Slumber is a solution however alcohol alters your REM sleep routine.


When you meet someone they look at your smile and see your teeth. The acidity in the wine stains your teeth.


To keep you healthy and hydrated consuming an increase in water is vital. It reverses some of your skin dehydration effects and keeps you healthy and hydrated.


Similarly to other body parts stopping alcohol consumption your skin can begin restoration.

Let the rebuilding begin.

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