Couponing Tips

Couponing Tips

Odds are you've started the year with a list full of New Year's resolutions that might include weight loss, travel plans, getting a new or better job or volunteering more. Regardless of what they are, if saving money isn't one of them, then add it to your list now. Unlike some of the other popular resolutions, saving money is one that's hard to disagree with and easy to stick to. After all, why choose to pay more if you don't have to? To set yourself on the right financial foot, I'll focus on one essential piece of a successful budget: couponing. It's free, easy and yields savings almost instantly. Here’s what you need to know:

Check Your Mailbox

A good place to start is your (snail) mailbox. Remember all that junk mail you regularly throw out? You might as well throw away your hard-earned money. Next time, at least leaf through the coupons to see whether you can snag some great deals on products you already purchased. Don't be dismayed if you don't immediately find them – they'll likely be hidden among the "must-have" ads for patio sun canopies and air fresheners.

Pay Attention to “Real” Savings

Which brings me to an important point: Don't fall victim to buying something just because a great coupon exists. Before you buy, consider whether you really need the discounted item. My husband used to jokingly ask me, "How much did you save us today?" I was shopping the sales and using coupons for my purchases and assumed I was saving money. However, my haul was rarely an accurate depiction of what we needed. I'd walk into a store meaning to spend about $25 on home essentials, but would leave with a bill almost double that. I fooled myself into thinking I'd saved so much money. Don't fall into this trap. Before you buy something with a coupon, ask yourself a few questions. Would you normally purchase it? Is it a staple that's sure to get used? If not, think long and hard about whether it has a place in your house – or your budget.

Go Online

Once you are comfortable using paper coupons, I strongly urge you to explore the wonderful world of online couponing. The day I discovered it existed was the day life got easier and my dollar stretched further. My husband stopped teasing me when he saw my emails touting real savings on products we actually needed. Even with the declining price of gas these days, I'm hesitant to go to the store for much outside of buying groceries (and even that is one of my least favorite tasks, ranking right up there with pumping gas and going to the dry cleaners).


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