The PetLight Story

The PetLight Story

Our little Fluffy (Maltese dog) is 10 years old, 10-lbs.  We were staying at a good friend of JerriAnne (wife) who has Pergo laminate flooring. Fluffy jumped off her very tall bed – expecting carpet/pillow – but instead, landed on the slippery floor… so her legs splayed out and she, basically, did a swan dive – crashing on to the floor and falling hard onto her chest. Fluffy just laid there… kinda stunned, for a bit and then slowly got up and walked around looking like she'd been knocked silly. When we got home the next day to pick her up, she could hardly walk and was wobbly… like she was drunk. From there, it just got worse. Much worse! After a week, we'd had two very involved Vet appointments and went thru different pain meds and muscle relaxers, since they diagnosed: sprained neck & shoulder, torn ligament in upper leg, and possible concussion! Fluffy couldn't walk more than a couple of steps without falling over. Couldn't stand to pee, without us holding him up in a harness. The Vet meds constipated her.

After two weeks of carefully tending to our beloved Fluffy dog… who screamed in pain every time you even came near her!! There was even talk of putting her to sleep. I mean… WHAT kind of a "life" was this???  BUT THEN… I stumbled across a website for a Pet Chiropractor (Kelly Thompson) who operates out of a clinic in Cupertino called: PetLight Vet.  The reviews on Yelp were out-of-this-world amazing… so I decided, why not try it? This would be our last-ditch effort, before sending Fluffy to pet heaven. I called (650-218-5512) and left a detailed message, as requested. Within an hour, he called me back – we discussed – and he fit Fluffy into his schedule THAT DAY.


Fluffy has four herniated discs. A herniated discs can pinch the spinal cord or a nerve root. In a perfect world where "Money is no object" we would pay the $5k to fix a single herniated disc, the Neuro Surgeon said he would try to address the worst disc and see if it fixes the problem. It might not, then more surgeries would be needed.

Recently Fluffy was having neck strain spasms. We used Dr. Kelly Thompson (doggie Chiropractor) to decompress her discs in her neck combined with PetLight therapy. At the same time I gave Fluffy an eighth of a baby aspirin, light neck messages and it really, really helped. Big surprise. Doggie Chiropractor plus PetLight therapy is actually inexpensive compared to spine surgery and less invasive.

Fortunately Fluffy is up and running about.

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