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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Home baked cookies are a Christmas tradition for our family. We typically use recipes that have been passed down from my husband’s family but this year I’ve been tempted to try something new. Cookies are a great project to bring the whole family together and you can make a day (or two) of it by baking several different types of cookies. We plan on giving them to our neighbors, friends, and sharing some with the local fire fighters down the street (those guys deserve cookies from all of us!).

Now here at the Women’s Suite test kitchen, we’ve been busy trying recipes for Christmas cookies to share with you! We’ve had a blast (and gained a few pounds) baking cookies from around the web and have found several that we think are keepers! We’re not done yet, as there are still several cookies on our list. We hope to test these recipes and share them with you in the coming weeks. Hopefully, you will enjoy these recipes and use the “work” as an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. 

For pictures of our adventures in the kitchen, click here: Cookies!

For the first cookie in our series, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, click the link below. 

Recipe: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn.

gingerbread house diy

Gingerbread House DIY from Three Pixie Lane

Not Your Average Gingerbread House

This is the sort of Gingerbread House DIY that I can find myself getting excited about! If you've ever dreamed of curling up with your honey in front of a fire while sipping a warm and cozy mug of something, then you probably imagined yourself in a rustic lodge such as this one! There is something so very romantic about this scene. While most of us in today's society are far removed from such an environment, we remain wistfully nostalgic. 

From Three Pixie Lane, we bring you the Gingerbread Log Cabin!

We worked on this over several days.  My son and I had planned to enter the local town contest; however, we missed the admission deadline.  Also, I believe the rules are that everything has to be made of food.  The car and the bottle brush trees would have to go, but for our purposes, they add such character!

Source: Three Pixie Lane: Gingerbread Log Cabin

diy hot air balloons

You Can Do This! DIY Hot Air Balloons from Fabric Paper Glue

You Can Do This!

These DIY Hot Air Balloons hanging lanterns are so freaking adorable! I know what you are thinking, it looks waaaaay too complicated. The beauty is that it's really not that detailed! The creative genius at FabricPaperGlue.com has laid out her tutorial here. If you make them, you've just got to share pictures of your results! We promise to link any pics shared in the Community to this article so everyone can see!