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Couple of solutions for dying Easter egg that will make your life easier:

Dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition in a lot of homes. I know that my kids look forward to it every year.

Add salt to your water for a speckled effect?

● Use a muffin tin for dyeing?

● Kool Aid is often used as an alternative to harsh chemical hair dyes, and its variety of funky colors and flavors work just as well on hard-boiled eggs as they do on hair. All you need to do is pour one packet of each flavor into a cup of water, then keep your eggs submerged in the mixture until they’ve reached your desired color.

● Create a fun pattern by wrapping rubber bands around your eggs before dipping them in dye. After the egg dries, remove the rubber band and expect to see a striped pattern.

The process can get a bit messy though. You come out of it with purple, blue, & pink fingers – and sometimes even your table can end up with splatters of color all over it.

● To avoid the messiness, here’s what you do.  First, line your work surface with a few layers of newspaper. I always go for layers because it gives the table more protection from the colors seeping through.


● My favorite tip though is this – place your hard boiled eggs inside of a wire whisk & use that to dip your eggs in the color solution.

You can buy cheap whisks at the dollar store if you don’t want to use one of the whisks you already have on hand.  It works SO great, y’all.  Those little plastic dippers that come in the packages just don’t work well – but the whisk trick works perfectly every single time.

Here’s to a mess-free egg dyeing experience?