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Frugal Spring Family Activities

Frugal Spring Family Activities

With Spring will upon us depending on where you live, it’s likely been a fairly cold winter and possibly filled with snow. While spring is a popular time of the year to clean things up and air out the house from the long winter, you can also consider some outdoor activities that weren’t possible during the cold months.

 Many of these activities can be frugal while also creating memories or traditions for years to come.

1. Visit the farmers’ market.

2. Go to a nearby park.

3. Give geocaching a try.

4. Start a garden.

5. Visit a zoo

6. Go fly a kite

7. Have a Game Night (or afternoon) with some new board games.

8. Take a walk around the neighborhood.

9. Head out to your local zoo. If you’re in the DC area, the National Zoo is free!

10. Volunteer together as a family. Right now, a lot of local parks and creeks have Clean-Up Days.

11. Have a movie marathon. Pick a theme and go for it!

12. Visit a local farm to see the cute baby animals. Even my tweens and teens love that!

13. Go camping and enjoy a campfire.

14. Support a local school by attending a spring musical or play.

15. Go hiking at a National Park.

16. Have a Read-In Day. My kids love to stay in pajamas, make a blanket fort and read, read, read!

17. Learn something new, like how to draw zentangles.

18. Visit a Pick-Your-Own farm for spring vegetables.

19. Bake together! We like to each get our own bowl and make muffins.

20. Plant a garden.

21. Do a craft together. My girls and I have been saving egg cartons to make this Spring Wreath.

22. Update a space in your home. My tweens just redecorated their room so it’s less “little kid.”

23. Head out on a short road trip.

24. Do an outdoor scavenger hunt.

25. Read a new book out loud.

26. Look for birds and put up a birdfeeder.

27. Attend a baseball game.

28. Decorate in front of friends’ houses with sidewalk chalk.

29. Learn to code. We love Scratch!

30. Find a free music concert in your area.

31. Make Origami Frogs and then race them

32. Be a tourist in your own hometown.

33. Visit a history or art museum. Plenty of museums offer free admission.

34. Try a new-to-you popcorn recipe.

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