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how to sell at art shows and craft fairs

How To Sell at Art Shows and Craft Fairs

If you are an artist, maker, craftster or otherwise creative then you might have wondered how to sell at art shows and craft fairs. While doing business and selling your creations in a digital age is now easier than ever, there is still a lot to be gained by selling in a physical venue. However, joining the wrong show can be worse for you (and your business) than not joining at all so take the time to research the shows you are considering. Some helpful questions to ask are; Is the show juried or not juried? How much are the booth fees? What is the expected turnout and what are they basing those numbers on? Can you "double up" with a friend? 

These questions and more are addressed in Patrice Lewis' article "Doing Craft Shows: Simple Tips to Make Your Experience Successful". Of course you know that not all venues are created equal and some shows may be great for some but don't work for your particular niche. In general, though, there are a few tell-tale indicators of whether the show you are considering is a "good" one. 

Booth fees and what they say about the show. 

What makes a high booth fee worth it? Look for high-quality vendors with most or all of their products hand-crafted; look for excellent and broad advertising; and find out the anticipated attendance. If a show attracts 70,000 people, a $1,000 booth fee may be worth it. If a show is expected to attract a maximum of 500 people, make sure the booth fee is low.

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