Woodstock Couple 46 Years Later is Still Together

This Couple From the Woodstock LP Cover is Still Together 46 Years Later

Bobbi and Nick Ercoline's love story is more iconic than most may know. In fact, it was these two whose photo was used as the cover for the Woodstock soundtrack 46 years ago. While Woodstock celebrates its 46th anniversary this week, the Ercolines look back on the event that captured a small, yet essential, moment of their union.
Two years after the photo was taken, the two were married. Today, they have two grown children and look back on the event that is both "meaningful" and "phenomenal" in their book, according to Bobbi. 
"All those people coming together with no violence, just peace, love and sharing."
A moment in time that influenced generations to follow, the Ercolines' picture and story emulate something of a Woodstock fairy tale

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